Dear Friends,

We are excited to share some big news with you. The Paradise Center for Tolerance and Nonviolence (PCTN) has unanimously approved major program and organizational changes.

PCTN will now be known as Ridge Coalition for Peace and Justice (RCPJ).
PCTN Key Events and Program Achievements
About PCTN

Our mission is the same, but as the name implies, we are broadening the scope of our activities. At the same time we are eliminating overhead costs of office space, staffing, and other administrative expenses, resulting in higher efficiency and effectiveness. Over the years we have continued to streamline our costs to maximize our work; this is the final step.

To facilitate this transition we have entered into an agreement with the North Valley Community Foundation (NVCF) whereby they will handle all of our banking, accounting, and reporting, so we are dissolving the PCTN nonprofit corporation. All assets will be transferred to our new fund at the Foundation.

The first question most people ask is about our youth programs. Over the many years of PCTN youth programs, we enjoyed serving, helping, and having fun with hundreds of Ridge children. Now we are pleased to announce that effective September 1, 2014, STARS and You Have the Power youth programs will be conducted by the Paradise Ridge Boys & Girls Club, effectively reaching more children and eliminating the need for PCTN's overhead expenses of a paid staff position and office. Without those expenses, 90% of future donations will now go directly to program costs. We are eager to promote similar partnerships with the school district and other interested collaborators.

Continuing programs such as the Annual Unity in Diversity Festival and the Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration, as well as ongoing film and forum evenings and new activities, will be organized by RCPJ volunteers under the auspices of our new fund. Visit us at for more information about our activities and to get involved.

We are maintaining our current list of contacts to ensure that you and all of our friends continue to receive information about RCPJ. We are also in the process of revising our website and Facebook presence to promote a seamless transition. We will move our supplies to a convenient storage unit and vacate the office no later than September 30.

For the 14 years PCTN has been operating, we have been gratified by the acceptance from both the Ridge community and from our friends across the country who have supported us with generous donations and numerous volunteer hours. PCTN's Board of Directors sincerely thanks you all of your volunteers and donors for your valuable contributions to the mission of our organization. We look forward to continuing our work together.